Our Team


Mark has commandeered the Wheal Farms ship since 2010 when he took over the farm from his retired parents. After studying Agricultural Science and having some time working on other farms around Australia, he had developed a passion for all things mechanical, and steered the business to include more cropping alongside the existing sheep and cattle enterprises. With increased cereal production as part of the crop rotations he was keen to value add to the grains via converting them into protein, and has always been impressed with a pig's food conversion efficiency in comparison to sheep or cattle. 

When he had the opportunity to raise a few pigs for the freezer he was also keen to hone his home butchery skills and develop his interest in the craft of smallgoods, and over the years has enjoyed extensive sausage making, dry curing and smoking to name a few of his experiments.

He leaves most of this to the qualified experts these days, but is always keen to try something new!



Kate grew up on a wool farm in Tasmania, and despite loving riding her horse all over the farm as a kid, had no ambition for a career in agriculture. After travelling overseas and studying in Melbourne she was happily pursuing her career goals working as a magazine editor...when somehow the charm of this South Australian farmer lured her from high heels to gumboots and all the adventures that came with it...including waking up to escapee piglets ploughing up the lawn!

Trying to add a touch of organisation and attention to detail to each of Mark's schemes and varied enterprises, Kate never pictured herself as a pig farmer but has relished bringing a sense of order to the pig production system, tightening up the breeding program and implementing some magazine skills into the marketing of their brand. 

And despite now being extra busy with an energetic 4 year old and one year old, still likes to get among the pigs to 'keep an eye on things'.