"Since we started exclusively selling Beachport Berkshires pork in October 2019, our pork sales have increased by 30 per cent!"

Dave Foster, Manager of Foster's Foodland
Millcent SA

"Best tasting pork that I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on! I can’t go back to anything else now!" 👍🏻👍🏻

Simone Kain
Co-creator of George The Farmer

"Over the span of my entire cooking career (23 years), I have never come across a higher quality pork mince. The taste is clean, sweet and the most palatable I have ever experienced, both internationally whilst previously working overseas and here in Australia. I have many regular customers who comment on this often.
I would definitely recommend utilising Beachport Berkshires Pork, not only for the high quality and ethically produced product but also the extensive and supportive customer service that comes along with it. I am very proud to be able to use this product and I am sure that any business that is looking to produce premium quality pork-related products will appreciate these elements as well."

Melanie Smith
Owner of Baked @ Beachport